I am a freelance digital artist who specialises in digital photography and creative retouching.
I have advanced Photoshop skills which have been expanding over the past 6 years.
I have been interested in photography for the past 5 years and have completed a level 3 extended diploma in Photography where my photographic skills have greatly developed.
I feel that capturing emotion is an important factor within photography and this has encouraged me to create an emotional response within my photography what ever the subject is. When it comes to photographing young children I feel that it is important to capture them exploring and showing their personality and development through the photograph.

I enjoy photographing events and I have photographed The designer show for Norwich fashion week 2012 and 2013, Dubs at the Hall 2013 and London Fashion Weekend 2014. I enjoy photographing events due to the atmosphere which I try to capture in my photographs, whether this is a music gig, fashion show, wedding, festival etc.

I have also taken photos in store for Jarolds Spring  collection, my experience in working in retail has given me the eye for colour coordination which is a skill that helped me to complete this brief. By using both my photography and my advanced Photoshop skills together I have produced creative and strong pieces of work. Working in collaboration with a professional graphic designer, I have recently created an advert for Jarrolds Norwich on Calvin Klein socks. This gave me the creative freedom  to use my artistic eye to produce an advert which is different and striking, leading to my advert being featured in Let’s Talk magazine.

In 2011 a photograph I entered into a competition was shortlisted in an exhibition in The Forum containing 29 other photographers chosen from over 420 entries.
The brief was called ‘Alternative angles’ ran by Norwich HEART. In 2013 I won second place out of over 400 entries in a national pet photography competition Called ‘Priceless moments’ ran by Pet Savers. My photograph was exhibited during the BVSA congress in the ICC in Birmingham.

I am now in my second year studying a BA (Hons) degree in photography to expand my software knowledge and digital skills and develop them in a professional manor to allow myself to work professionally as a photographer, creative retoucher and graphic designer in the future.

Collaboration is an important factor within the arts world and working with other creative individuals is something I especially enjoy as it allows me to look into other fields and enhances my own creativity. I am always looking to collaborate with others so please feel free to contact me at info@roxi-lola.co.uk with your details and a link or attachment of your portfolio.

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